Magu – The Story

I am Magu. Invented by Malte and Gunnar. Two guys from the northern part of Germany, who grew up right behind the dike and remained faithful to their region until today.

Gunnar is the son of a traditional innkeeper family. When a child, he was allowed to develop his own beverage creations in the inn’s warehouse using juices and soft drinks. Later on, he was very successfully for many years in the catering trade. Long days, strenuous nights and an aversion to coffee and classic energy drinks prompted him to create my own drink. It was to be different: natural, vegan, with a high fruit content and naturally invigorating.

This is where his partner Malte comes into play. Malte was a successful software developer. Once he realized that the industry doesn’t respect people, he wanted to show that industry that there is another way to go about it.

An so they joined forces. Honesty and sustainability remain important values and are the company’s philosophy to this day.

As both take this attitude seriously they want to give something back: for example, by sustainably supporting educational and music projects in the sales regions.

Let’s tackle it.