Wer bin ich

Hi, I'm Magu

the refreshing premium fruit soda with natural caffeine and 50% fruit content.

Made in Germany - with pure water from the foothills of the alps

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Shake the tree.

Wie bin ich

I’m natural, fruity, and vegan.

Pure water from the foothills of the alps
I refresh with water from the foothills of the Bavarian alps. My water flows through several layers of rock and exemplifies pure quality.
50% fruit content

I am a very naughty little fruit. My natural ingredients convince even vegans. Wanna know it exactly? Have a look

100% fruit sugar
I’m all natural when it comes to sugar too, which is why I only contain fruit sugar.
No preservatives
I stay fresh for a long time, without any preservatives. And the best of all, I only contain 46 slim calories / 100 ml.
Natural caffeine

I do not contain any chemical caffeine, but extract the stimulant from real coffee beans in a complex process. So, I recharge your batteries in a natural way (32 mg / 100 ml). Learn more

No genetic engineering
Best served ice cold

Mix mich

I like it cold. Ice-cold.

Taste me pure or mix me with the tough guys – I won’t mind. Try it


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